Privacy Policy

Last Updated: January 15, 2004

Game Dev Tactics ("GD Tactics") is a product of HM Interactive, LLC. GD Tactis may update this privacy policy at any time. This privacy policy was established to provide context on how information is used throughout the site.

Protecting Your Information

GD Tactics does not share any of your information with third parties. Links posted that direct users to other websites might have other privacy polices

Data Collected

No extraneous data is not collected if the user does not create an account.

If the user creates an account the below information is collected:

  • Email: Contacting the user, two factor authentication, marketing, and authorization.
  • Name: For general use. Currently not being used. Potentially we'll use it in the future for payments.
  • Username: A GD Tactics specific username. This is what the user will be referred to thoughtout the site.

Any data shared in the a comment is at the risk and consent of the user.

Upon deleting an account, information may still be stored.

GD Tactics uses Vercel hosting and AWS RDS database services, visit Vercel's privacy policy here and visit AWS's privacy policy here.


All comments should be civil and appropriate. Keep comments positive. GD Tactics admins reserve the right to remove any comment at any time.

Users post comments at their own risk.

User Accounts

GD Tactics admins reserve the right to ban, pause, or delete a user at any time.

GD Tactics admins can force a password reset or delete all user sessions at any time.

Cookies only uses necessary or mandatory cookies for the site to function, however, the Google services being used grant Google the ability to set cookies on your device.

What Are Cookies

Cookies are pieces of information stored on a device allowing the website and browser to share certain bits of data. For a much richer explanation visit's Understanding Cookies article

User Authorization

GD Tactics uses `http-only cookies` for user auth tokens

YouTube Embeds embeds YouTube videos. Although the site uses the domain, once you push play Google may set cookies on your device. To learn more visit Google's Privacy Page

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is currently not on the site, but may be added in future. GA has the ability to analyze website traffic. GA's cookies are used to enhance the quiality of it's services. Visit Google's Cookies Page to learn more.

Cloudinary Images uses Cloudinary for image hosting. Ideally Cloudinary shouldn't set any cookies, but while debugging I occasionally noticed cookies were being set. Usually once cleared they don't return. This should only happen on lower environments while testing, a minor thing, but I thought I'd mention it. You can learn more about Cloudinary's cookies here.