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Last Updated: January 15, 2004

Game Dev Tactics ("GD Tactics") is a product of HM Interactive, LLC. GD Tactis may update the Terms and Conditions ("T&C") document at any time.

General Use

By using the site you accept these terms and conditions.

Privacy Policy

Visit the site's Privacy Policy Page to review the sites privacy policy.

User Accounts

Users have the option to create a GD Tactics account. To create an account users will need to provide a name, unique email address, unique username, and password. GD Tactics is not responsible for the user's misuse or sharing of login credentials with other parties. An account is necessary to post comments and make purchases if available.

Third Party Brands

GD Tactics is a product of HM Interactive, LLC and is not affiliated with any other brands, companies, or products referred to on the site. Any link to another website is subject to their terms and policies.

Third Party Services

Below is a list of third party services used on the site:

  • Google: Google Services are used on the site. YouTube embeds are the site's primary video delivery service. Google Analytics may be added to the site at a later date.
  • AWS: The database is hosted with RDS. Vists AWS's Service Terms page to learn more.
  • Vercel: GD Tactics uses Vercel for hosting. Visit Vercel's Terms of Service Page to learn more.
  • Cloudinary: Cloudinary is the primary image delivery service.

Copyright and Tradmarks

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